Thursday, 24 July 2014

Dems antiquated stance on Social Security

Dems antiquated stance on Social Security (and almost everything else) outlines why they're failing
George W. Bush's "State of the Union" address (transcript) went off without a hitch, and did what it was intended to do: 1) Outline a vision for the future, and 2) Tick off Democrats.

It was one of the better State of the Union's going back to Reagan. I define "better" as meaning that I didn't fall asleep. It was a powerful and emotional speech, and contained lines designed to make the ever shrinking Democrat side of the aisle look like complete asses if they didn't applaud.

Once again, Social Security is a controversial issue. Nevada Senator Harry Reid and California Representative Nancy Pelosi delivered the Democrats response. Contrasted to the fire and energy of the Bush speech, Reid and Pelosi appeared to be offering pleas in a hostage video.

Concerning Social Security, Reid said, "...the Bush plan isn't really Social Security reform...It's more like Social Security roulette."

I agree. Giving you control of what happens to your money is very risky... to Democrats. Social Security Roulette, like Russian Roulette, involves a gun pointed to the head. Except, in Social Security Roulette, the gun is pointed at the head of congressional power holders and/or seekers. The more control you have, the less they have. We can't afford that risk.

When it was Pelosi's turn to follow Reid, I was distracted by what it would appear have been attempts at plastic surgery. The woman's got more lifts than a Utah ski lodge. Aside from that, I think she said something about Iraq, but I soon changed the channel.